Meet Jessica

A Fifth & Root Customer

Months away from her wedding, Jessica wasn’t feeling confident in her own skin which led her to try Fifth & Root.

Ecstatic with her the healing she’s experienced in her skin, she not only looks great but she FEELS so much more confident.

This is what matters most to us.
You don’t need ‘fixing’ – We simply want you to feel your very best.

Jessica’s Amazing Progress

Before & After Using Fifth & Root for 3 Weeks

Before Before
After After

Recommended Daily Routine

Morning Routine: 
On your fingertips mix together 2 pumps of the Wild Indigo with 2-3 drops of the Inner Glow, apply to your face and massage in

{ Wear as little makup as possible during the day and ideally choose natural makeup }

Night Routine:
After washing your face apply the Moonlight mask, let it dry for about 20mins, rinse off and repeat the routine of mixing the Wild Indigo with the Inner Glow and apply to your face

Try for 2-3 weeks and send us feedback how this routine is working for you. We simply want you to feel your very best.

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