Crystal Facial Rollers aren’t just trendy, they’re the at-home holistic spa technique you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve probably seen the Crystal Facial Rollers trending with estheticians and beauty gurus alike. Hop on pretty much any social media platform, type in Facial Roller and images of jade, amethyst and rose quartz rollers fill your screen. Avid users claim that crystal facial rollers help with blood circulation, skin tone and elasticity. Supposedly, they even reduce puffiness, wrinkles and pore size. But do they actually deliver on those claims? Surprisingly, yes! And here’s how–

How to Promote Clean Skin with Your Lymphatic System  

First, the rolling motion. Your lymphatic system benefits from rolling the crystals across your face. For a more in depth look at the lymphatic system, definitely check out LiveScience. The short and sweet of it, however, is that the lymphatic system rids the body of waste and toxins. Fluid is pushed out of your blood capillaries where it’s collected by the lymphatic system and passed through lymph nodes. White blood cells clean the fluid before it gets recirculated back into the bloodstream.

However, unlike your bloodstream, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. It relies on your body movement to move the fluid. Healthy, balanced bodies that get regular exercise and a healthy diet usually move this fluid along without too much trouble. Lymphatic drainage, a light massage that promotes the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system, aides recovery for post-op patients. And it’s right about here that the use of facial rollers starts to make a lot of sense…

Young woman laying peacefully while esthetician provides lymphatic massage.

There are lymph nodes all throughout your body, but there’s lots of them in your neck and behind your ears. Rolling these tools across your face encourages lymph fluid to move towards these nodes. This reduces puffiness in your face and increase circulation, which gives your skin the oxygen it needs to improve skin tone and elasticity. So using a roller to apply beauty products actually helps your skin absorb the ingredients. Sounds good to us!

Why are Crystal Rollers So Special?

Rolling the tool across your face promotes all sorts of goodness, but what’s the deal with the crystals? Why not just get a facial roller made of plastic? While mainstream media long relegated the use of crystals to the stereotypical New Age hippie culture, we’re seeing a resurgence of crystals and minerals in beauty products. Like we said earlier, the use of crystals and minerals has been around for a LONG time. Ancient Egyptians used malachite as eye paint, and amethyst was documented as an acne treatment as far back as the 1100s in Germany.

Rose and smoky quartz on a dark table with leaves. Crystal facial roller

A pure substance with molecules arranged in a regular geometric pattern is known as a crystal. All matter, including crystals, vibrates at specific frequencies/energies dictated by their molecular structure. Different structures of crystals promote everything from blood cleansing, better sleep, to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. So the most basic explanation is that the crystalline structures found in our bodies are responding to the particular electrical charge–or piezoelectricity–stored within different crystals. Your body literally tunes itself to the electrical frequency of whatever crystal you’re exposing it to. 

How Should YOU use a Crystal Facial Roller?

Basically, just feel free to use a Gemstone Facial Roller with beauty products at your leisure! Choose a stone that resonates with you. You could even take it a step further and meditate with your roller to imbue it with your personal energy. Cleanse your skin, pat dry and apply your desired products (we recommend our Eye Nectar and our Inner Glow). Roll the tool slowly towards the outside of your face and towards your ears. Don’t forget that you’re trying to promote the movement of lymphatic fluid towards the nodes in your neck.

Also, take the opportunity to quiet your mind and do some deep breathing. Inhale the therapeutic qualities of your products and focus on the energy emitted from the crystal. This is a fantastic self-care practice for both your skin and your mind, so take full advantage of it. Clean your facial roller after each use and don’t forget to smile at that beauty staring back at you in the mirror. 😉