Energizing Botanicals

How Are Our Products Different?

All our products are made of vibrating botanicals

| Free of any parabens, silicons and toxins

| No harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances

| All natural, 100% plant based

| Made of energizing oils, herbs and gem stones

Why Vibrational Botanicals?


| Think of silicons, parabens and other artificial ingredients, which you normally find in products, as low energy ingredients 

| These products drain your skin and lower your overall energy

| Compared to nature’s remedies which naturally have high energy and therefore charge your skin

| Feel the refreshing, uplifting, rejuvenating difference



You don’t have enough time for self-care?

We’re expected to journal, meditate, eat healthy, workout, spend time with family and friends and also — find time for self-care?

We felt overwhelmed too just like you until we realized that just showing up is enough.

Even if it’s just 5 mins. a day — a small fraction of the time you spend scrolling on Instagram 😉 — it makes a HUGE difference.

We want to inspire you to spend those 5 mins. a day in a way that rejuvenates you, inspires you, & takes you to faraway places…

Bring nature into your home for 5 mins a day by smelling the herbs, floral and superfruits. Feel like you’re walking through a forest…

Join us as we build our community of like-minded women who empower each other not only to find time for self-care but also to embrace their natural beauty.  You don’t ned any fixing.

It’s not how you look for other people, it’s about how you feel inside.

5 Mins a Day. Will You Join Us?

Feel so much more balanced, energized and confident in your body so you glow deep from the inside.