Healing CBD Salve


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Healing CBD Salve

For the days when you can’t get yourself to that mountainside hot spring.  Herbal extracts Arnica and CBD work in harmony with Andiroba Oil and Buddha Wood to help increase circulation and calm inflammation.  Give your aches a rub down and let the uplifting and therapeutic blend of essential oils be your ticket to bodily salvation.

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Infusion of healing herbs
Arnica, Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Plantain, and Gotu Kola contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds, carefully chosen for their synergistic healing effect

Hemp derived CBD
Anti-inflammatory, delivers relief from minor ailments

Andiroba Oil
High in limonoids which work to promote healthy circulation, provides relief from pain and swelling

Australian Buddha Wood
Often used during meditation and sacred ceremonies for its grounding and purification properties. Calms the senses


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Directions:  Apply a generous layer onto sore muscles, cuts, scrapes or bruises

300mg Pure Hemp Derived CBD