It can feel like beauty products are all the same. But if you’re not using CBD Beauty Products you’re really missing out.

If you’ve ever had to fight blemishes or skin related signs of aging, you’re already familiar with that vicious cycle. Your life is going along fine, something stressful happens, and then the next day you wake up with clogged pores or drab looking skin which, in turn, cause even more stress. Most of us don’t have the option to take a long-term break from our hectic lives just to improve the quality of our skin. Luckily, this is where CBD beauty products can help.

Young woman smiling and applying beauty products in mirror.

CBD is a Powerful Cortisol Quencher

CBD fights aging and wrinkles while increasing hydration. When our bodies undergo stress, they release cortisol. Normally, cortisol is a good thing. It helps regulate your metabolism and your blood sugar. But excess cortisol encourages a process in your skin called glycation, which leads to collagen damage and elastin breakdown. This means that you’ll start to develop lines and wrinkles. On top of that, it decreases your skin’s natural moisturizer, hyaluronic acid, which causes dryness. CBD interferes with cortisol secretion in your skin, so you finally have a weapon against glycation and the loss of hyaluronic acid.

The Antioxidant Properties in CBD are more Powerful than Vitamins E and C

When our stressed out bodies are releasing excess cortisol, they’re also releasing excess adrenaline. Adrenaline can leach oxygen from your skin which can allow toxins to build up and can even lead to cellulite. Vitamins C and E are thought to be the holy grail of antioxidants, however CBD has been shown in clinical trials to be 30-50% more effective than both of them. This means CBD gives your skin a healing veil of protection from all of that oxidative stress.

CBD is a Potent Acne Fighting Weapon

All that extra oil in your skin from cortisol can create a breeding ground for bacteria, and if you’re also experiencing oxidative stress from an increased amount of adrenaline, your skin doesn’t have the necessary oxygen to cleanse itself of toxins. Luckily for you, not only will CBD slow the excess oil production, it also possesses remarkable antibacterial properties which aid your skin’s fight against blemishes.

Smiling african american woman with beautiful clear skin.

Clear skin is the result of balanced cortisol levels, balanced moisture and antioxidants; all things that are affected by stress! So it’s not a huge stretch to say that being in a great mood can help you have great skin! It can seem like the world is out to get our skin, but adding CBD beauty products into your routine will give you the weapon you need to fight aging, dryness, and acne. So help put your skin in a good mood by fighting stress with CBD.