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Nourish your skin with wild-harvested herbs, gemstones, and natural ingredients

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Hydrating CBD Floral Mist

For many of us, our beauty rituals are reserved for the mornings, the evenings, or both if we’re lucky. But what about in the middle of the day, when the delicate skin on our faces feels like it’s wilting?  A quick spray or two of this ultra-hydrating floral mist will soothe and revive tired skin when we need it most.

Eye Nectar

Rejuvenating CBD Serum

Roll away puffiness and signs of aging with this sweet, decadent elixir.  Ultra-healing CBD soothes and relieves the delicate under eye area.  Nourishing oils from Green Coffee, Prickly Pear and Tomato Seeds restore hydration and help boost the natural collagen in your skin for a youthful and radiant appearance.


Hydrating CBD Floral Mist

Take a moment to unwind with this creamy, gemstone infused clay mask.  Ultra-calming CBD helps reduce redness and inflammation while Kaolin Clay draws out dulling impurities.  Superfruits Kumquat and Kakadu plum, bursting with Vitamin C, charge skin with vitality and radiance, leaving you with a more youthful and healthy glow.

Warm Vibes

Hydrating CBD Floral Mist

Melt away any soreness, tension or anxiety with this concentrated pain relieving solution.  Healing herbs and pure Hemp Derived CBD deliver deep relief by promoting healthy circulation and fighting inflammation, while fermented capsicum provides a gentle warming sensation.


Healing CBD Salve

For the days when you can’t get yourself to that mountainside hot spring.  Herbal extracts Arnica and CBD work in harmony with Andiroba Oil and Buddha Wood to help increase circulation and calm inflammation.  Give your aches a rub down and let the uplifting and therapeutic blend of essential oils be your ticket to bodily salvation.