High Vibration
the New Organic

Vibration Skin Care. Where Science & Nature Merge.

Warm Vibes

Melt away any soreness, tension or anxiety with this concentrated pain relieving solution. Key Ingredients: Wild Sage, Red Jasper, Chili Peppers, Arnica

Inner Glow

Hydrate, plump and renew your skin for a more youthful appearance, while enhancing your natural radiance. Key Ingredients: Calendula, Kakadu Plum, Helichrysum, Sandalwood, Prickly Pear


Give your aches a rub down and let our uplifting and therapeutic blend of essential oils be your ticket to bodily salvation. Key Ingredients: Arnica, Buddha Wood, Andiroba, Plantain, Cannabis


A quick spray or two of this ultra-hydrating floral mist will soothe and revive tired skin when we need it most.

Key Ingredients: Lavender flowers, Calendula, Wild Indigo, Rose Damascena


Take a moment to unwind with this creamy, gemstone infused clay mask and dull your impurities. Key Ingredients: Moonstone, Kumquat, Chlorella, Kakadu Plum

Eye Nectar

Roll away puffiness and signs of aging with this sweet, decadent elixir. Key Ingredients: Rose, Eyebright, Helichrysum, Green Coffee, Rose Geranium

Wild Indigo

Your ultimate weapon against daily skin stressors, keeping your skin velvety soft and calm.

Key Ingredients: Wild Indigo, Orange Blossom, Pearls, Cannabis

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